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All Warnings About Known Existence
 (also known as φως).

He is the deity of the Lighting Nation living at the exoearth Trappist-1-f.

His nation represents the most advanced civilization there is in the entire universe. 

He is the founder of what today is called AWAKE.

Known data.
Aura: White.
Spirit: Utopian.
Cynthia (also known as νερό).

She is the deity of the Water Nation living at the exoearth Kepler-22-b.

Her nation hosts the biggest diversity of life forms there is across the universe.

She is capable of bringing back to life already extinct species.

Known data.
Aura: Cyan.
Spirit: Naturalist.
Maggie (also known as φωτιά).

She is the deity of the Fire Nation living at the exoearth Tau-Ceti-e.

Her nation used to be catalogued as the most violent civilization ever seen in the universe.

She is responsible of having developed the most revolutionary and inclusive socioeconomic order ever applied for a civilization.

Known data.
Aura: Magenta.
Spirit: Idealist.
Amelia (also known as γη).

She is the deity of the Earth Nation living at the exoearth Gliese-163-c.

Her nation is widely recognized for rescuing and hosting displaced alien civilizations.

She capable of establishing contact with any foreign nations existing in the universe.

Known data.
Aura: Yellow.
Spirit: Transcendentalist.
Alan (starting to be known as αέρας).

He was identified as the future savior of Sun-3, also known as Earth.

The civilization of Sun-3 currently leads the universe's poorest quality of life ranking.

He was recently chosen to be the new member of the force before named AWE.

Known data.
Aura: Black.
Spirit: Existentialist.


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