RYOKER is a musician, producer and disc jockey of 21 years
who strengthens his brand since 2014 from Bogota's music scene.
Musical Proposal.

Since 2015, RYOKER consolidates ‘Trappaeton’, a proposal that emphasizes Electro, Urban & Dembow characteristics. Influenced by artists like: Major Lazer, Diplo and Muse, RYOKER matures his vision for ‘Trappaeton’ and in 2016 he opens to the market producing danceable strong beats with melodies reproduced by protagonists basses, synthesizers full of distortion, dynamic rhythms, enticing vocals and transcendent lyrics; all supported by electronic music as its main structure.

RYOKER’s live shows stand out for its power and style. They are dynamic bassy sets enriched by the barriers there are between genres: Electro House, Trap and Moombahton, to generate experiences described as: dancing, jumping and flying.

Last, the ultimate goal of this proposal is to enhance aurally and visually the national and international electronic music scene.

Hidden Story.

RYOKER is a musician, producer and disc jockey instructed by the traditional academy, from where he retired early when decided not to accept the rigid vision of music that more classic institutions usually handle. This, coupled with his incessant desire to strengthen in a modern academy, would affect his creative temperament.

Nocturne and enigmatic, in RYOKER a duality between the man and the artist is appreciated; a sensitive personality, solitary and reserved, transforms into brilliant productions that receive worldwide attention. Impregnated with high ideals and overflowing of creative courage, his fervent compositional imagination triggers an obsession for detail. Director of his own music, RYOKER has enough perspicacity to design complex musical puzzles and enough coldness to discard "leftover notes" without repair. It is difficult to understand the dense mind of an artist who seeks transcendence in almost everything he does.

RYOKER interprets music as the means to communicate and express his complex worldview. This way, he builds relationships with people and spread his deepest emotions, enlivening their deepest desires. Electronic music gradually becomes the only means by which RYOKER reaches happiness and fulfillment, because controlling all stages of his creations represents transmitting all of his ideas and feelings.

'Trappaeton' is the final product of that musical ecstasy that RYOKER enjoys, which inspires him to enrapture their followers. With this motivation, RYOKER seeks, in the darkness of the night and party, represent all the followers who were born with his same sensitivity and that 'Trappaeton' turns on the emotional connection they didn't know they had with electronic music. His music will transcend to the complacency of those who know understand it or, simply, dance it.

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